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  • Immigration Consulting Center
  • Vocational Training Center (3)
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  • Kids Tutoring Center
  • Sunny Healthy Club
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  • Horizon Day Camp /CND (1)

College MAC

  • The All-in-one educational institute with six locations in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Welcome to Multicultural Academy Canada

    Please be noted that Horizon Day Camp will start from June 27, 2016 !

    International Language Center

    • Recognized by government of Canada, gouvernement du Québec, to provide French/English/Chinese language courses from beginner to advanced level in variety formats


    Kids Tutoring Center

    • Cooperated with Quebec public school board and Chinese community to provide language, arts & sports lessons and help grade 5 students pass secondary admission test

    Vocational Training Center

    • Cooperated with Quebec public school board, local and remote college to provide satisfactory-guaranteed career programs for new immigrants and international students

    Immigration Consulting Center

    • Certified by ICCRC-Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and MICC to provide professional service related to student visa, student immigration and more

    Horizon Day Camp

    • Certified by ACQ and ACC/CCA, supported by Ville-Marie, CSDM , RSB, MCCCC, CJNT to provide summer activities and cultural lessons to primary and secondary students

    Sunny Health Club

    • Investing on the health for yourself, your kids, your family, and you will never be disappointed. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Badminton, Basketball...

    Starting a Business (MELS code 5764) new schedules

    1. June 4th 2016, English teaching, WICC
        2. June 11th 2016, French teaching, downtown
     3. June 22nd 2016, English teaching, PACC
      4. June 25th 2016, English teaching, Laval
        5. June 27th 2016, French teaching, downtown
     6. June 30th 2016, English teaching, PACC
    7. July 5th 2016, English teaching, WICC
     8. July 11th 2016, English teaching, WICC
     9. July 13th 2016, English teaching, PACC
      10. July 15th 2016, English teaching, PACC


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